Rick Geha
There Are No Bad Leads
05 Jan, 2019

How would you like to hear something that you ‘may’ find surprising?

When I asked a room full of agents, from brand new to 30 years in the business, with varied levels of production the following question: “Are leads an issue?”, the answer was surprising!

The majority answered this way; “Getting leads is not an issue!” While I know this to be true, I was surprised to hear it in such a majority, considering the diversity of agents in the room.

As the conversation continued, there was a wide variety of answers as to the quality of leads. When I said; “there’s no such thing as a bad lead,” I was met with much more objection. I was challenged that leads were not an issue, and, that quality leads were an issue. My answer was as follows: “The determination of the quality of your leads is a reflection of your leadership abilities.” This comment was not met with much enthusiasm or agreement. But, we know it to be true!

Your energy, your enthusiasm, your knowledge of your marketplace, and your knowledge of the numbers and the real estate business are all very important. You should also reflect on your willingness to make a difference in the lives of those ‘leads’, everyone who speaks to you, your leadership, your character, and your ability to succeed at a high level or not. Now, while I know this paragraph may be considered argumentative, it speaks about a huge issue in our industry. The lack of personal responsibility.

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of companies out there who will gladly take your money to do things for you that you used to, or would normally, do yourself. There’s no threat of anyone ever taking over your business, or making you obsolete, as long as YOU are in charge, and YOU contact and stay in touch with your leads and your database, and YOU take responsibility for what is going on in your business, and also for what is NOT going on in your business.

Leadership is about attitude! LEADS ARE ABOUT ATTITUDE! YOURS! There are no bad leads, there are only leads that are not yet ready. Your willingness to nurture the leads, whether through automation and systems, or through the old-fashioned card file system, will determine what happens with the leads and whether or not you can get into a long-term relationship and get them to know, like, and trust you.

Leaders are enthusiastic! It’s the key. At the point that your lead reached out to you, they were enthusiastic enough about what they were looking at to go through the motions. You have to bring that back, even if it’s days later when you actually connect. Of course, the sooner you connect, the better. It’s a good leader that realizes that rejection is part of the growth process, and only refines your scripts, and your motions and words. Our LPMAMA Script works so well, and we have others, that all ‘bring back’ the enthusiasm, and remind the lead why they reached out to us in the first place. Find solutions to “no” answers from your leads. Remember that the quality of your business is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask.

One of the reasons I’m so honored to be a Master Coach at Workman Success Systems is because of our unique approach to teaching systems and operation excellence as it applies to your leads, and managing them. Everything I’ve mentioned to do here can be systematized. If you are not willing to go through those motions then you are declaring that your family, your business, and your efforts are not worth your time. Again, it reflects poorly on your leadership skills. The truth about leadership of others is it begins with leadership of yourself.

It’s as simple as this: Manage your time so that the lead generation activities get done, that your priorities around health and relationships get done, and that you make time for systematizing your lead management. If you do this, then you’ll have more time in the future to do more of the fun stuff!

Rick Geha began his real estate career at age 22 and has been selling for over 36 years and has run, managed or owned real estate offices for the past 23 years. Rick’s love of people and mentoring their passions has lead him to a successful career as a speaker, trainer and coach with Workman Success Systems. Over the past 15 years, he’s led more than 1,000 classes and workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada and presented keynote addresses to thousands of professionals from all industries and walks of life. Rick is proud to be someone who’s spent nearly three decades helping people worldwide discover and walk their path to personal freedom.

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