Tax Write-Off's For The Self Employed


The tax write off's that Realtors® are allowed to deduct can result in significant reduction in federal state and social security tax liabilities.  As an IRS agent for 16 years, Chris learned the ins and outs of the IRS system and brings you powerful information to save you money. Attend this updated, power packed session and learn specific, legitimate tax deductions you can use as a self-employed individual to lower your state, federal and social security taxes. 

Just some of the important topics covered in this program are:

  • Learn about the IRC 105 Medical Reimbursement Plan for the Self-Employed
  • The theory of "Before Tax" and "After Tax" - what they really mean
  • Recordkeeping Requirements, including the length of time records should be retained
  • In depth coverage of legitimate business expenses, including advertising, depreciation, automobile issues, hiring family members, retirement plan contributions, Insurances,
    estimated tax requirements, home office expenses, travel and entertainment and much more!
  • The use of Entities in Business and how they differ, including Sole Proprietor, S Corporation, and Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Current IRS Priorities to eliminate the TAX GAP