“Here Comes the Judge…..There Goes Your Commission!


This course is designed to help agents get better in touch with their clients’ current needs,
concerns, and fears.  Attendees learn ways to harvest facts and statistics about communities, financing, and service providers.  They discover ways to share this information without liability or misrepresentation for any parties.  Agents will develop a documentation system to reduce surprises and to meet time-sensitive transaction requirements.   

Attendees will be able to……… 

  • Define and dissect the serious issues of disclosure and misrepresentation!
  • Develop 12 methods to avoid misrepresentation!
  • Build a documentation system that will save time and money!
  • Discover 10 ways to cover their assets!
  • Develop systems to harvest and deliver facts and statistics about their community, financing, and service providers to their clients!
  • Explain the different elements of misrepresentation (concealment, material fact, intent to deceive)!
  • Reduce risk with 15 risk reduction techniques!
  • Create a system to win customer loyalty while reducing liability!