Real Estate Connections That Last


For years agents have been taught the importance of differentiating themselves in the marketplace.  While differentiation is a good beginning, agents should also strive to develop the characteristics of distinctiveness (to be notable, attractive; possess special qualities).  The Dean of the Harvard Business School states, “Businesses and business people must ask themselves two questions.  First, what do I do that my competitors also do, but that I do better?  This might be how you are distinctive.  Secondly, what do I provide consumers that none of my competitors do?  This is what makes you different.”  Since we in real estate all sell the same product or inventory, we have to differentiate ourselves based more on what we do for our clients and the community and the services we provide, than on a differentiated product.  In this course agents will learn how to powerfully insert themselves into their communities and the enormous, untapped potential revenues many of us live amongst, by becoming their trusted town advisor with the delivery of current, relevant information about the real estate market, as well as their community.

Attendees will learn how to……… 

  • Master a rejection-free prospecting system
  • Create irresistible, community-centric websites, video and marketing materials
  • Be recognized as their local community advisor by providing current, updated information about the top 7 community-content areas consumers most want to know about
  • Identify, develop and serve niche markets
  • Determine when to segment and de-segment markets
  • Build trust and confidence by knowing…..
           1)  What’s happening in the market, 2)  Why it’s happening, and 3)  How to simply
                 and effectively communicate your answers to their questions
  • Apply methods for transforming their community into their personal Real Estate Social Network
  • Become professionally viral within their community
  • Recognize the importance of being distinctive instead of different
  • Develop a consistent communication to help their clients and past customers become better homeowners