Overcoming Consumer Fears In The Midst of a Housing Shortage


According to Inman, Stefan Swanepoel, NAR and many other sources, our industry is on the cusp of facing one of the biggest housing shortage crises in decades.  Different than in the past, this crisis could last for 6-10 years.  The challenge will be not only to find homeowners who will consider selling their home, but also to educate them with an effective marketing campaign that will maximize their equity position in the home, while at the same time, convince them that a reasonable commission is justified/deserved. An indispensable seminar for agents who want to proactively prepare for the impending housing shortage.

Attendees will be able to…

  • Develop a much more consumer-centric prospecting system for listings
  • Create 3 different strategic, pricing alternatives that will make the seller a partner in the process
  • Co-author an effective, customized marketing campaign with the seller that will guarantee success
  • Educate consumers about the causes of the housing shortage, as well as the impact it will have on the desires of future/potential buyers and sellers!
  • Position themselves as a consultant instead of a real estate agent who desperately wants the listing
  • Identify 4 ways to validate the homeowner and the property when walking through their home
  • Execute a rejection-free prospecting method to capture expired listing