Succeeding in the Recreation and Resort Market


Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist recently said, “In 2017, the share of buyers who purchased a primary residence rose for the third year to 70 percent from 65 percent. The share of vacation home buyers declined for the third straight year to 12 percent from 16 percent.  The share of investment buyers remained unchanged at 19 percent for the third straight year.  He went on to say, “In several markets in the South and West – the two most popular destinations for vacation buyers – home prices have soared in recent years because substantial buyer demand from strong job growth continues to outstrip the supply of homes for sale.  With fewer bargain-priced properties to choose from and a growing number of traditional buyers, finding a home for vacation purposes became more difficult and less affordable last year.”  The challenge for agents will be not only to find homeowners who will consider placing their home on the market, but also to educate them with an effective marketing campaign that will maximize their equity position in the home, while at the same time, convince them that a reasonable commission is justified/deserved.  An indispensable seminar for agents who want to proactively prepare for the housing shortage!

Attendees will learn how to….

  • Keep their buyer prospects connected with emotional reminders of the benefits of owning their special place in ____________
  • Utilize the power of empathy to establish long-term, successful relationships
  • Become present and future vacation homeowners’ go-to person with questions about their community
  • Utilize the power of the web to give better service and sell more properties
  • Generate quality buyer and seller leads by tapping into the reservoir of local service providers
  • Utilize Jack Cotton’s (Sotheby’s #1 Luxury Market agent in the U.S.) strategies to become a luxury market leader in their own community
  • Implement strategies to insert themselves into their communities and the enormous untapped potential revenue many of us live amongst
  • Utilize systems to market their community to attract out-of-town buyers