Rick Geha
Rick Geha
I Want to Make the Most Amount of Difference in The Lives of EVERY Person I Come in Contact with From Now Until I Die. FOR THE BETTER
Speaking Fees: Keynote and 1/2 Day $3750 - Full Day $5000 + Expenses

Rick Geha began his real estate career at the ripe old age of 22 while finishing a degree in Biology at Cal State Hayward and working in his family’s restaurant. By 1987, he had jumped in full-time and soon became the #1 agent at a local agency named Good Real Estate. By 1993, his passion quickly evolved to influence and leadership earning Rick a leadership position with Contempo Realty. By 1997, he had grown his team to include about 50 agents while still remaining a top producer, himself. That same year, the chain was bought by Cendant and, just two years later, Rick’s office was named the #2 Century 21 Office in the World for sales volume (from among 7,500 offices worldwide). That achievement was repeated again in 2000. In 2001, Rick’s saw an opportunity to expand his influence and the difference he was making with agents that led him to join Keller Williams Realty. He continued to produce superior team results while building a successful career as a speaker, trainer and coach.

In 2017 he transitioned his mastery, skills, and talent to eXp Realty, a cloud based brokerage that allows Rick positively influence agents and expand his team of professionals nationally without the boundaries of traditional brick and mortar. For over two decades, Rick's led more than 1,000 classes and workshops guiding real estate companies and teams to superior agent attraction, agent recruiting, agent retention, and systems surrounding all 3 throughout the U.S. and Canada. He's produced a daily inspirational video blog and presented keynote addresses to thousands of of professionals from all industries and walks of life.

Available for Breakouts, Emcee, Moderator

Speaker Topics

RICK GEHA:Being A Top Listing Agent Will Change Your Real Estate Life, Forever!

In this session you will learn... • Even if you already list a ton of homes, how do I become a more accomplished lister • Giving up buyers seems strange to me! (You’re not giving them up! Someone else will handle them for you) • What are basic and sustainable ways to get more listings • People say it’s “hard work” to get listings! It’s not “hard”, it’s just a lot of work. What you do is easy! • How to use your calendar to help you become a top listing agent

RICK GEHA: Business Planning Workshop

In This session you will learn... • Using Business Plan workbooks for recruiting, retention and attraction (if it’s appropriate for the audience) • Understanding the value of building a plan every single year and working it. • Revisiting your plan every month • Putting a plan together for execution of the plan • Understanding the value of “it’s never too late to build a business plan” (and it’s never too early)

RICK GEHA: Lead Generation

In this session you will learn... • How do I get my arms around such a broad subject • If this is the most important thing in the life of a real estate agent, why do I hate it so much • There’s so many ways to do this lead gen stuff, how do I decide what works for me • What’s the role of internet leads, buying them, getting them, etc. • Understanding systems behind getting leads, keeping leads, nurturing leads and converting and closing leads

RICK GEHA: Leadership At The Next Level

In this session you will learn ... • How working on “YOU” is the biggest and most important job • Do you feel you were a born leader or a ‘learned’ leader? Does it even matter? • He who feels he leads and has no followers is only taking a walk!! • How true leadership involves following. • What goes on in your head that you don’t control affects your results in all areas of your life and business

RICK GEHA: Recruiting And Retention And Agent Attraction

In this session you will learn...... • Systems around recruiting • Systems around retention • How to be the leader that attracts agents • Understanding the role of ‘core values’ and ‘value propositions’ and the difference • How is running/owning and operating a real estate office like running a sales team • How to separate your real estate office/franchise from all the rest • How do I own and operate a successful office and still support and attract teams to my office (cuz teams scare me!)

RICK GEHA: Teams, Team Structure, Team Compensation

In this session you will learn ... • Understanding the why behind building a team • What are the systems behind team building • Understanding compensation at a high level and what works for you and your business • The importance of core values on a team