Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, DREI
Cheryl Knowlton, CSP, DREI
Ignite the Fire of Learning
Speaking Fees: Keynote and 1/2 Day:$4250, Full Day: $6000 + Expenses

As the CEO and Chief Energy Officer of Dynamite Productions, Cheryl specializes in enthusiastically empowering excellence by consistently delivered highly engaging, timely, and relevant tools to help today’s real estate professional raise the bar – in business and in life.

As a national real estate educator, broker, coach, author, podcast host and 23+ year veteran of the real estate and mortgage industries, Cheryl is obsessed with helping real estate agents grow in confidence and competence to become powerfully relevant in today’s marketplace and win in any market. Cheryl ensures that real estate professionals leave with the practical tools they need to hit the ground running and experience explosive growth and success in their careers. 

Cheryl began her career in 1999 in the California Bay Area, where she was born and raised. Believing she truly was a danger to herself and others, she began to invest in herself and her education. She now holds 17 NAR Designations and Certifications, and regularly teaches most of those courses via Zoom to agents all over the country and internationally. She also loves creating and teaching her own custom courses for state and local Associations of Realtors as well as creating and teaching Instructor Development Workshops for many states.

Cheryl genuinely loves the real estate industry and gets completely “lit up” about moving the needle forward and blowing up boring in real estate education. She is now serving as Branch Broker and the Director of Professional Development for Presidio Real Estate, the third largest producing real estate company in Utah, and the and largest producing independent company in Utah.

After years of fighting the nickname “The Compliance Queen,” Cheryl now embraces that title. She has been a part of creating three Utah pre-licensing schools and is now in the process of creating her own brand-new Utah pre-licensing and Broker school. She is also working to become a certified life coach and expects to graduate in the spring of 2023 as an Internationally Accredited ICF Coach through the Academy of Coaching Excellence.

Cheryl is a 12-year member of the National Speakers Association. She is a proud holder of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Designation, which is held by only six Real Estate speakers in the United States. She loves serving as the current President of the Mountain West Chapter of NSA, which encompasses four states. 

When she is not taking up temporary residence in a Disney theme park, Cheryl loves traveling the country, educating Realtors and brokers, as well as sharing her energetic expertise with international brands and franchises. She recently returned home from Orlando, where she had a blast delivering 4 sessions at the NAR National Convention. In her spare time, she also loves to hike, ski, read, run half marathons, (she has completed 30), spend time with her Prince Charming, and play with her 14 (including Moira) grandchildren and her dog Scooby.

Speaker Topics

CHERYL KNOWLTON: All’s Fair in Love and Housing

In this interactive course, licensees will learn to clearly identify protected classes, better protect and serve the public through cultural awareness, clearly communicate with clients, communicate through body language, and prevent embarrassing mistakes.

CHERYL KNOWLTON: Beyond the Transaction: The Impact of Agency from a Client’s Perspective

If you have ever shaken your head after a transaction closed and wondered what happened, perhaps your answer lies in how you handled the client relationship. During this highly interactive course, students receive in-depth information on the essential elements of buyer and seller agency representation. Gain comprehensive knowledge of the different responsibilities of each agency role, and the ethics related to your representation role. Participants will discuss ethical questions and apply the concepts they have learned to real live scenarios. The focus of the program is focusing on making the real estate licensee more professional and competent in their dealings with the general public

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Burn the Hamster Wheel: 10 Strategies for Achieving Life Balance

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you wanted to stop the world, so you could get off? Imagine a world where your life was joyfully in balance. Is such a world possible? Is balance a myth? Come and enjoy this enlightening and fun session to find out how to permanently burn the “hamster wheel” with 10 strategies for creating and sustaining balance in your life.

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Contracts, Lawyers, and REALTORS®, Oh My!

This course provides a comprehensive overview of basic contract law and how it impacts the Real estate licensee. The topics of unauthorized practice of law, types and validity of contracts, and an overview of the elements of a contract are covered in depth. Other areas addressed include the parol evidence rule, legally competent parties, unilateral and bilateral contracts, mutual agreement, assignment/novation, contract breach and misrepresentation.

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Cover Your Assets: Protecting Yourself from Liability

Have you ever wondered how and why some agents get themselves into trouble? Stay out of court and possibly jail by getting and staying far away from the hottest legal pitfalls. Learn how to use state forms and contracts to protect yourself and your clients from liability in this exciting and informative course.

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Cracking the Code: Living and Applying the Code of Ethics

Did you know? Statistically, most agents who get sideways with the Code of Ethics do so accidentally. Do we KNOW the Code? How can you LIVE it if you don’t know it? Get ready to engage and share your opinions in this fun course as you examine specific scenarios and LEARN the Code, so you can LIVE the Code!

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Detective Agency

Time to dive deep into regulations that will make a difference in how you do the real estate business. During this session, you will learn about State Statutes and Regulations, including 25 Ways to Lose Your License; federal laws, including RESPA, fair housing advertising guidelines, truth in lending, and the Lead Based Paint Disclosure. Protect your license and enhance your professionalism by understanding and implementing critical strategies into your business.

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Facebook or Face Plant: The Ethics of Social Media: 20 Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Business

In this fun and engaging course, you will be exposed to 20 social media strategies to help you utilize social media to grow your influence with clients and customers. In addition, you will be able to identify key ways agents are violating the Code of Ethics through improper social media use, explore the world of “Blind Ads” and uncover how and why they are harmful to the public.

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Getting Past No: Negotiating Strategies for the Real Estate Professional

Negotiation is one of our FIVE ESSENTIAL SKILLS as a real estate professional. Most real estate professionals lack the key negotiation skills they need to succeed in championing their clients at the highest level. Take your negotiation game to the next level with this fun, interactive course.

CHERYL KNOWLTON:Herding Cats: Best Business Practices for Brokers and Agents

As a broker, do you ever feel like you are herding cats? In the highly litigious world in which we live, brokers and licensees need to stay on the cutting edge of best practices, so they can stay ahead of the legal curve. As you strategize about ways to help yourself and other agents raise the bar of professionalism in their own businesses, you need to concentrate on ways to minimize risk for our clients, for yourselves, your brokerages, and the public at large.