Facebook or Face Plant: The Ethics of Social Media: 20 Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Business

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Have you ever asked  yourself:  How do I utilize social  media as an on- purpose” strategic tool to grow  my business? What mistakes am I making?

Am I sharing  valuable  content with my sphere or am I simply “taking up cyber space?”  What am I doing  right? In this fun and  engaging course, you will be exposed to 20 social  media strategies to help  you utilize social  media to grow your influence with clients  and  customers. In addition, you will be able to identify key ways agents are violating the  Code of Ethics through improper social  media use, explore the  world of Blind Ads” and  uncover how  and  why they are harmful  to the  public. This is your opportunity to create a specific Game Plan” to implement social  media success strategies as a part of your business plan for the  future.

Session Options: 1-3 hours

*(Also taught as Instafamous: The Ethics  of Social  Media”)