Generating Buyer and Seller Leads: Capture, Qualify, Convert

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Prospecting, Farming,  Networking! Lead generation goes by many  different  names. Are your lead generation techniques built to last? This course will examine the  discipline,  strategy, and  systems that effective lead generation requires. Use this turnkey  resource to also examine how  to research and  quantify  the  results  of your lead generation activities so that you can  fine tune and  focus your efforts.  Learn about the  fundamentals of lead generation, tracking  leads  and  analytics,  as well as tools  and  systems for your growing business.

Session Length:  1 Day  

Accredited Buyer Representative Certification (ABR) – Elective

*Accredited Buyer Representatives, or ABRs, are designated by the  Real Estate  Buyer’s Agent Council, which is an affiliate of the  National  Association of REALTORS®. After a thorough training and  accreditation process, ABRs receive special distinction for providing  quality representation to home buyers.