Generation Buy

At any given time, today’s real estate professionals may be working  with four generations of real estate buyers: Millennials, Generation X, the  Baby Boomers, and  Matures.  This one-day course examines the  home buying characteristics of these generations and  evaluates their expectations (of agents and  of the  transaction) as well as communication preferences. As a turnkey  resource, participants receive generation-specific marketing tools,  networking tips, scripts,  and  counseling strategies to help  formalize agency relationships.

Session Length:  1 Day

Accredited Buyer Representative Certification (ABR) – Elective

Accredited Buyer Representatives, or ABRs, are designated by the  Real Estate  Buyer’s Agent Council, which is an affiliate of the  National  Association of REALTORS®. After a thorough training and  accreditation process, ABRs receive special distinction for providing  quality representation to home buyers.