Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA

Enhance your skills in pricing  properties, creating CMAs, working  with appraisers, and  guiding  clients  through the  anxieties  and  misperceptions they often have  about home values. This is the  core course required to

earn  the  new  PSA (Pricing Strategy  Advisor) certification. You will learn about the  purpose and  benefits of CMAs, and  how  to guide  clients through them and  be able to utilize terminology of pricing  and  valuation in a way that sellers can  appreciate. Uncover ways to properly identify appropriate comparables, where to find information about them and  how  to adjust  comparables for your CMA.

Session Length:  1 Day

Accredited Buyer Representative Certification (ABR) – Elective

Seller Representative Specialist  (SRS) – Elective

Accredited Buyer Representatives, or ABRs, are designated by the  Real Estate  Buyer’s Agent Council, which is an affiliate of the  National Association of REALTORS®. After a thorough training and  accreditation process, ABRs receive special distinction for providing  quality representation to home buyers.