Rick Geha
Training, a More Personal Leverage
05 Jan, 2019

For you to have stopped long enough to read this article, probably means you are in some ways in your life and business using leverage. We actually all do. Anytime we have someone do something for us, or better yet, have a tool, software, or a system do something for us; that in the past we would have had to do ourselves in a painstakingly long manual operation we are using LEVERAGE.

Okay, so big deal. Most of us ‘get’ that at some level. There are many who get it at a very high level and understand that the more they use leverage, the more freedom they have for the things that matter most.

In the world of Real Estate we have varied jobs and responsibilities. The saying goes; “If you don’t have an admin, you ARE one!” That statement is also about leverage. As a coach for over 20 years, the one thing in our lives that we have not leveraged to the fullest extent is either our own training or the training of those around us. When I first began coaching small teams in the ‘90s, we used to have them film on old VHS Tapes the things they wanted to say to their people. So that when those people were replaced, they could put them in a room with a VHS Player and then watch the video to get them trained.

In today’s world we still use video, only a much, much more advanced version so that we can leverage the power of technology, video, and software delivery programs to get YOU and your PEOPLE trained. Here’s even better news! Whether you’re a coaching client of Workman Success Systems or not, our Training Center and systems are still available to you.

Let’s be real here! Your most valuable asset, and the asset that does not renew, is your TIME! Systems such as our Training Center at Workman Success Systems, along with all of the other operating systems we advocate are much less-expensive alternatives to doing it yourself. Especially if you would rather spend your valuable time being ‘face to face’ with sellers and buyers.

Imagine, if you will, a complete video training program to train your new “Client Care Coordinator” or admin! Or, if you are simply new in the business, frustrated, stuck or need a swift kick to get going again, what training would you go to? Or, let’s say you are looking to take more listings and become more of an accomplished listing agent, where do you go? There are fractured systems, different instructors, and programs out there; AND none that are thorough, comprehensive, and easy to access.

Accountability is the main reason most people hire a coach. True leverage allows you to spend your time doing the activities that you have prioritized as the most important in your day. Having a Training Center that you can access at will gives you the freedom to get yourself trained at times in the evening, early morning, or when you’re not on the phone or face to face with customers. It also allows your people to be trained in the office while you’re out listing and selling homes. When you hire a buyer's’ agent, our Training Center will allow you to again leverage your time, get them trained, and hold them accountable to their roles and activities without taking time away from those vital parts of your day.

As I’ve said in many articles; It’s time time to step up, and take the plunge into getting control of your business and your time! Leverage is the key!


Rick Geha began his real estate career at age 22 and has been selling for over 36 years and has run, managed or owned real estate offices for the past 23 years. Rick’s love of people and mentoring their passions has lead him to a successful career as a speaker, trainer and coach with Workman Success Systems. Over the past 15 years, he’s led more than 1,000 classes and workshops throughout the U.S. and Canada and presented keynote addresses to thousands of professionals from all industries and walks of life. Rick is proud to be someone who’s spent nearly three decades helping people worldwide discover and walk their path to personal freedom.