Higher, Faster, Farther!

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As the real estate industry continues to be assaulted by the latest” interlopers” – new franchisers, tech companies, iBrokers, virtual brokerages – the need to adapt and adopt is no longer optional. Marty examines the immediate and extended effects of such dramatic (drastic) industry changes and challenges; their impact on traditional real estate brokerage, and how REALTORS® must elevate and differentiate their expertise and service levels far above what’s been customary or expected. More than gadgets, gimmicky (and the latest app), there are social, political, generational changes that call into question our commissions, “exclusives,” and once sacrosanct role as real estate gatekeeper and deal maker. Introspective, informative and inspiring, Marty adds a wee dash of humor and extraordinary hubris to this brash real estate brokerage reality. Everyone admits the problem, but are there practical solutions? Learn several feasible ways to propel your business to even loftier heights!

For broker/owners, managers, agents- 60 to 180 minutes