Ready to Recruit


Recruiting is still the lifeblood of every successful business, but it’s for many REALTORS®, that vital lifeline is often clotted… from abuse, misuse or disuse! There’s no single right way to recruit, but some methods work better than others, depending on your market, agent mix, company culture, and professional prospecting, selling and closing skills. New agents or only “experienced?” Full time or part time?  What about splits? These and other questions are discussed, dissected and directed into a full-blown business plan that restores agent-recruitment to its preeminent management responsibility; providing a vital system for sustained company growth and profitability (versus a knee-jerk reaction to empty desks). Marty takes a “soup to nuts” approach, from setting recruiting goals, crystalizing your value proposition, and other preliminary considerations, to actual scripting, presenting, nurturing, closing and onboarding.

For broker/owners, managers, team leaders- 60 to 180 minutes