Profit Is Not A Four-Letter Word!


Are you still measuring brokerage success by shiny trophies and inflated dollar volume? Is yours a real business, or an expensive hobby? Are you the top producer in your office? Marty takes on this oft-evaded, ever-sensitive topic with confidence, clarity, and a bit of controversy. How much is your business worth? Which business models work better (or not at all) in attaining and retaining monetary success? How to best attack the financial elephant that infects and destroys so many businesses, large and small. Examine each “line” of your profitability mix – from “top line” commissions and ancillary revenues… to “middle line” splits and other deductions… to monitoring and minimizing wasteful expenses. How to separate company generated business from transactions procured by your sales team? A practical, positive look at tackling a once seeming impossibility… owning a business worth owning.

For broker/owners, managers, team leaders-60 to 180 minutes