What It Takes To Get Them, Is What It Takes To Keep Them!


Retention of good sales associates is easier than you think. Retention is not a matter of money, it’s about creating an environment that people enjoy working in. By placing the same emphasis on retention that you do on recruiting, not only will your office become more profitable and a happier place to be, but your sales agents will help you recruit because they feel it’s the best place to work!


  • How to develop one-on-one relationships with your sales  associates
  • The process for helping your agents work more effectively and with less stress
  • How to show top producers you appreciate them
  • How to watch out for and avoid “career busters”
  • Why social events help improve morale and increase productivity
  • Low cost ideas for recognition and rewards
  • The role of family members in your retention strategy
  • How to keep your competitors from recruiting your top producers

Time: 60 minutes