How To Hire Experienced Agents In the First Interview


How To Hire Experienced Agents In the First Interview

Many brokers feel that you must interview and agent several times before you can ask them to join. Those who follow Judy’s system hire an average of 70% of their recruits the first time they meet them.

There are several systems which must be in place, and of course, the timing must be right.  But following the steps in this course, will allow you to starting hiring agents, or at least getting their commitment, in the first interview.

In this presentation, Judy LaDeur shows participants how to improve interviewing skills and hire an average of two experienced agents per month – consistently!


  • How to set up the interview to result in a hire
  • What interview questions to ask and how to identify the candidate’s “hot buttons”
  • How to create a powerful recruiting presentation that focuses on the candidate’s concerns
  • How to hire them on the value you create
  • How to present the details of your offer simply and quickly
  • Five steps for successfully overcoming common stalls and objections
  • How to build value and close for a decision

Time: 3 hours (can be expanded up to 6 hours to  include closing skills with role playing exercises)