Judy LaDeur
Judy LaDeur
Committed to Excellence, Proven with Results!
Speaker Fees: Keynote and 1/2 day $3500 - Full Day $5,000 + Expenses

Judy LaDeur began her real estate career in 1975. In 1981, after a successful sales career, Judy joined the management team, where she developed her own recruiting and training systems. By 1984, she was the Director of Recruiting and Training for a large, 4-office firm in Chicago and was their #1 recruiter. It was at this time that Judy began training and working with other Brokers across the country in the areas of recruiting and retention of real estate agents.

In 1990, Judy was asked to join forces with Floyd Wickman and assist in the development of his Rapid-Fire Recruiting® Program. This was the beginning of a new career as a national speaker and trainer. In 1992, she started her own company. Today, Judy is one of the top recruiting experts in the world.

In addition to being a keynote speaker at many state and national conferences, Judy has often appeared on TV, radio and in various publications as an expert in recruiting real estate agents. In 2009, Judy was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Real Estate.

Her recruiting courses are designed to develop skills and  confidence.   As a consultant and trainer to the real estate industry, Judy has helped many companies dramatically increase their market position in just one year. Judy conducts her workshops with proven  systems, techniques and “how to” information guaranteed to make a difference in your office.

Speaker Topics

JUDY LADEUR: What It Takes To Get Them, Is What It Takes To Keep Them!

Retention of good sales associates is easier than you think. Retention is not a matter of money, it’s about creating an environment that people enjoy working in. By placing the same emphasis on retention that you do on recruiting, not only will your office become more profitable and a happier place to be, but your sales agents will help you recruit because they feel it’s the best place to work!

JUDY LADEUR: How to Overcome the Most Common Stalls & Objections

Brokers and agents alike are constantly searching for more effective ways to overcome objections and stalls. In this presentation, Judy gives examples of the most common stalls and objections and also explains why overcoming a stall will never lead to a decision. Her five-step process allows you to determine the underlying objection and effectively overcome it.

JUDY LADEUR: How To Hire Experienced Agents In the First Interview

Many brokers feel that you must interview and agent several times before you can ask them to join. Those who follow Judy’s system hire an average of 70% of their recruits the first time they meet them. There are several systems which must be in place, and of course, the timing must be right. But following the steps in this course, will allow you to starting hiring agents, or at least getting their commitment, in the first interview. In this presentation, Judy LaDeur shows participants how to improve interviewing skills and hire an average of two experienced agents per month – consistently!

JUDY LADEUR: How to Survive & Thrive In The Midst of the “Disrupters”

Today’s Brokerage model is being challenged by new start up models, rapidly changing technology, private funding, sign on bonuses and new options for consumers that have never seen before. These changes are hitting fast and hard, catching many Brokers, and agents, off guard. Disrupters disrupt that way things have always been done, but is that a terrible thing? Not always. It depends on how you respond to the disruption. Those who understand how to work in a market, filled with disruption, will come out the winners!

JUDY LADEUR:Build It and They Will Come: Attracting the Best Talent

Recruiting in today’s market means getting to the heart of ‘what’s in it for them’ as consistently and effectively as possible. In this presentation, Judy shows you how to find your top 12 value propositions for your organization – then how to use that value to draw the agents you want into your organization.

JUDY LADEUR: Achieving Mastery Performance

In today’s competitive market, it takes more than being the best Broker in town to recruit the best agents in town. You must be the best option for that agent, PLUS you need to prove your value, and that requires skill.

This ALL NEW 2 day Course will teach you a new technique which focuses on the real value of what you have to offer.

JUDY LADEUR: Selling Is Much Easier When You Know HOW They Make Their Decisions!

Most of us have our own “style” that we use when working with buyers, sellers, or even recruits. But did you know that there are four distinct types of personalities? Each personality bases his or her decisions on different criteria and looks for different things? Emotional decision makers must “feel good” about you and what you have to say. They place less emphasis on money and facts. Logical decision makers look at the money and the facts. They do not need small talk in the presentation. Logical people are interested in technology and have done their own research prior to your arrival. Drivers will base their decision on money and facts. I have studied behavior styles for over 40 years and I can’t imagine selling real estate today, running an office, recruiting, training or retaining agents without understanding how to best relate to them. This is a fun and entertaining session that will change the way you look at everyone...not only in your business life, but in your personal life as well. For Brokers: The class focuses on retention, recruiting and coaching your agents based on their behavior pattern. For Agents: The class focuses on how to more effectively list and sell real estate PLUS how to enhance working relationships with the other agents in the marketplace.

JUDY LADEUR: Build Your Business to Sell It and Learn How to Position Yourself to be the Agent of Choice in Your Market!

This Session can be for Brokers, Agents or both in the same audience! This is a great session to book for any convention or company meeting! It is THE Hot topic for Today’s Market! This is quickly becoming the most requested topic out there today and will remain at the top of the list for the next 5-10 years! Why? Recent NAR predictions state that over 50% of active real estate agents will exit the business over the next 5 – 10 years, most intending to simply walk away from the business they have spent years building. Of the agents that would like to sell their business most don’t know how and without help would likely experience problems with tracking, second party referrals, collecting money or determining who is responsible for keeping the business going through marketing . Your agents do not need to walk away from their real estate business, and when you the broker help them sell it, you become the hero!

Judy La Deur: Build Your Business To Survive & Thrive - New 2022

No one wants to think about the next BIG CRASH, but what goes up, does come down. We have had 7 strong years of recovery since the BIGGEST CRASH in real estate history. The market keeps going up, which is great for the present moment, but are you prepared for the next market adjustment, which some economists and experts say will be worse than the last one. Today’s buyers and sellers are using different criteria to choose their agent. Research shows that if you put these 4 simple practices into place, you will have an incredible business, regardless of market changes, or crashes. Judy LaDeur has survived every crash for the past 45 years, and actually embraces market adjustments. When you know your business is strong enough to survive, there is nothing to fear.