Build It and They Will Come: Attracting the Best Talent


Recruiting in today’s market means getting to the heart of ‘what’s in it for them’ as consistently and effectively as possible.  In this presentation, Judy shows you how to find your top 12 value propositions for your organization – then how to use that value to draw the agents you want into your organization.  Learn...

  • How to find the right agents for your office and how to create marketing materials that work!
  • Specific dialogues to get face-to-face with 3 agents each week.
  • How the 7 step interview process is designed to hire them on the first interview.
  • This system will teach you how to hire agents based on the value of being with your office, at a competitive compensation plan.  You should never have to buy good agents
  • Word-for-word dialog designed to have them say “Yes, I want to join your team!” before you even get to the compensation!

Time: 90 minutes (can be expanded up to 3 hours to include specific work on the interview process