Hot New Tech Tools to Make Your Business Soar


TikTok, chatbots, iFunders, Blockchain—a tsunami of innovation and transformative technologies are providing new solutions for some of the industry’s toughest problems including contingent sales, lack of down payments, digital security, and online lead conversion. Discover simple strategies that agents and brokers can use to increase their market share and to convert their clients into raving fans.  

Learning Objectives:

Your attendees will learn how to:

  1. Solve four of the industry’s thorniest problems: lack of a down payment, obtaining price reductions, contingent sales, and how to convert renters into homeowners.
  1. The secrets of generating massive page views on TikTok, why TikTok is “all about the moms,” and how to easily take advantage of this tool in their business.
  1. How to easily generate and convert leads without ever cold calling, door-knocking, or paying a portal for online leads.

Audience: Agents and brokers

Length: 60-90 minutes

Delivery: Live or via webinar