Foundations of Business Brokerage


Intended for those familiar with commercial real estate, business brokerage training focus primarily on non-real estate assets like inventory and equipment, on financial performance like gross revenues or net profits, on “intangibles” like goodwill and copyrights – much less on the business’s physical space. Business brokers facilitate the sale of small to medium sized, usually privately held businesses. Business sales primarily deal with personal property like equipment and inventory – or intangibles like goodwill and copyrights. Training presumes basic understanding of retail brokerage and commercial leasing. So, we’ve limited our topics to analyzing, pricing, listing, marketing, and selling ongoing business concerns – apart from any leased or owned real estate. Learn about different types of business entities, their pros and cons, how to read, analyze and explain traditional financial statements, make adjustments, analyze and reallocate business assets, and price various types of businesses where “rules of thumb” often prevail. (1-2 day)