David Hoffman: Relationships OverRules:


This talk will focus on reminding people that while the rules say that being new to a city will not equate to business, the relationships in your life will lead to limitless potential. We will dig into processes; plans, and conversations to show your friends that you are the expert, while getting people to drop their guard and trust you; steering as the friend. 

We will dig into teaching the salesperson/entrepreneur how to be both the friend and the expert, while always staying present; to help each and every person in their life.

Everyone in the room will be encouraged that their past does not dictate their purpose or define their potential.

By the end of the day, each person in the room will have the tools to help people of all walks of life, while protecting their commission, and helping friends and strangers alike; winning bidding wars at the lowest price and selling homes above market value. From $100,000 to $10m properties and loans; small businesses to large corporations. 

The focus will be on relationship-building; one on one, versus social media and mass-marketing. We will dig into balance, digging deep with each person in your life without an agenda.

The book will be coming out next Summer by BroadStreet Publishing in Minnesota.