Bank on Real Estate to Fund Your Retirement NEW 2023


Enhance your real estate investment skills in this in-depth course covering various aspects of investing, from the mindset of successful investors to the benefits of owning real estate over stocks. Explore funding options, down payment assistance, types of residential and commercial investments, and learn how to find the right property at the right price. Expand your horizons with alternative investment options like REITs and purchasing notes and deeds of trust.

Why relevant

Regardless of your age, real estate professionals need a steady source of income sufficient to support their lifestyle for 20-30 years or more beyond retirement. Social Security alone isn’t enough and stock market investments can wipe out years of savings in seconds. Real estate is the one investment that has consistently kept pace with inflation, can provide consistent cash flow, and allows investors to increase the value of their investments by increasing the value of the properties they own, not relying exclusively on appreciation. This course provides participants with an overview of various real estate investments, how they work, plus how to evaluate which investment vehicles are best to secure their retirement income.

Learning Objectives:   

Participants who complete this course will be able to:

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of various types of residential and commercial estate investments, how to purchase the right property at the right price in today’s market, as well as how these investments compare to owning stock.
  • Select the funding best suited for their unique investment situation including savings, down payment assistance, HELOCS, All-in-One Mortgages, crowdfunding, self-directed IRAs, and shared equity.
  • Expand their investment options to include REITs, “house hacking,” shared equity, debt funds, plus purchasing notes and deeds of trusts.
  • ALWAYS consult with their tax professional before making any type of investment.