“Negotiating: Powerful or Pushover?”


In any situation where you need to bring two parties to agreement, whether it’s as simple as which restaurant to go to for dinner or as involved as buying or selling a home, the ability to effectively negotiate with both sides to reach a satisfactory settlement is critical.  The goal in every negotiation should be for all parties to reach a conclusion where everyone feels validated and that they’ve received the best outcome possible.  In this course, agents will learn how to master the four essential elements of successful real estate negotiation:

  • Understanding human behavior models based on age, ethnicity and experience
  • Addressing human needs and determining their relevance
  • Effective communication skills, including good listening skills
  • Controlling the environment

Agents will be able to….

  • Identify strategies to implement prior to the initial interview to position themselves as a trusted advisor
  • Apply a new and more effective vocabulary to focus on what’s most relevant to their clients
  • Utilize the DISC behavior model as a doorway to effective communication and relationship-building
  • Identify and apply 5 characteristics of successful negotiating
  • Explain effective uses of information to eliminate distrust and hostility
  • Apply an effective use of time to improve their client’s negotiating position
  • Discuss 7 beginning-sales negotiating gambits/strategies and how to effectively apply them
  • Implement 5 middle-sales negotiating gambits to achieve/maintain an advantageous position for their client
  • Identify and utilize 5 ending-sales negotiating gambits to bring the negotiations to a successful close