Gee Dunsten
Gee Dunsten
From the Trenches to the Podium…Engaging, Entertaining and Real World
Speaking Fees Keynote and 1/2 Day $2950 - $4000 Full day + Expenses

Gee Dunsten, a graduate of the University of Maryland, has been in the trenches of the real estate business for three decades, having helped more than 3000 families achieve the American Dream of homeownership.  Nationally recognized as a residential sales and marketing specialist, Gee is currently an associate broker with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. in Salisbury and Ocean City, MD.  He has co-written and developed the Recreation and Resort Specialist Training courses and is recognized as a Recreation and Resort Specialist.  Gee also co-authored the Military Residential Specialist® Certification (MilRES) course and teaches the course nationwide.

Gee has been a Certified Instructor with the Residential Real Estate Council, formerly the Council of Residential Specialists for over 25 years, having served as their 2001 national president.  Gee also teaches PMN designation courses for the Women’s Council of REALTORS® and is president of Gee Dunsten Seminars, Inc.  A prolific author and speaker, his hands-on approach to real estate training with leading-edge ideas and systems has made him a popular speaker at NAR conventions, as well as numerous state and local association meetings and conventions.  Gee has taught in all 50 states, and as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Chile. 

Gee also provides one-on-one coaching/mentoring to agents who are looking to grow their business and stay on top of the new challenges they face in the business each year.

In addition, Gee and Allan Dalton, the former CEO of, co-authored a recently released book, “Creating Real Estate Connections”, a comprehensive marketing resource completely devoted to providing real estate professionals with the latest proven strategies, systems, services and methods to secure saleable listings. 

Gee was inducted into the Real Estate Experts Hall of Fame in 2012 and has also been selected as one of ten Top5 Elite Speakers.

With all his career accomplishments, Gee views his greatest success as the building of his family.  Gee and his wife Susan have five children and six grandchildren.

Speaker Topics

GEE DUNSTEN: “Are You Consumer-Centric?”

In a recent Harris Poll ranking 23 professions in the U.S. for trustworthiness, Realtors were 23rd (at the bottom) behind new/used car salespersons. The reason for this is because the real estate industry, as a whole, has not been strategic in its thinking. It’s no longer about us, it’s about them…the consumer. Strategic thinking begins with the rectification of names/words. Agents will learn to apply a new vocabulary to better meet the sensitivity and cynicism of today’s consumer. They’ll also develop skills to dispel the five greatest consumer misconceptions, such as cost of ownership and fair market value. Agents will leave with an objection-free listing presentation guaranteed to excite the seller about their marketing and pricing strategy and get them every saleable listing they want! Attendees will be able to… Identify the 6 biggest challenges they face! Apply methods to reduce consumer confusion about what they see on the news! Utilize skills to dispel the 5 greatest consumer misconceptions about cost of ownership, fair market value, financing, and tax advantages!Apply a new vocabulary to better meet consumer sensitivity to terms/words! Utilize systems to harvest and deliver relevant real estate and community content to enable their clients to become more knowledgeable homeowners! Identify 8 critical elements of a consumer-centric information-rich website! Develop systems and skills to become a community reporter through the use of video, direct mail and social media! Develop and implement a 60-day action plan!

GEE DUNSTEN: “Bridging the Generation Gap”

The key to preparing an effective marketing plan is to know who your audience is, through and through. You need to understand what messages resonate, what strategies work and don’t work, and how to build long-lasting relationships, not just sales, across all generations… Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. In this course, you’ll discover different behaviors and responders to motivate each generation, from the 70-year-old Baby Boomer, to the 22-year-old Millennium. Learn how to incorporate techniques for improving communication and understanding to overcome generational differences, while creating the emotional glue that will keep them coming back.Attendees will learn…Ways to create an effective communication system for each of the three generation groups (Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials)How to identify the critical characteristics necessary to build relationships and problem-solve for each individual groupMethods to deliver more meaningful housing information to each home prospect groupCustomer service systems for each prospect group

GEE DUNSTEN: “Building Your Referral-Only Business – A Perpetual Revenue System”

Almost everyone in real estate talks about the importance of building a referral-based business, but less than 4% of agents actually do. An enormous number of referrals exist within our reach, but how do we go about securing them? It all begins with a shift in our mindset, perhaps our greatest challenge. By shifting our focus from referrals/transactions to relationships and how we can help others, the flood gates will open to more referral business than we can possibly handle. Real estate today should be all about the consumer, not the agent. It’s not about the quantity of people in our database, but the quality of the connection/relationship and how we are maintaining a meaningful connection.

GEE DUNSTEN:“Here Comes the Judge…..There Goes Your Commission!”

This course is designed to help agents get better in touch with their clients’ current needs, concerns, and fears. Attendees learn ways to harvest facts and statistics about communities, financing, and service providers. They discover ways to share this information without liability or misrepresentation for any parties. Agents will develop a documentation system to reduce surprises and to meet time-sensitive transaction requirements. Attendees will be able to……… • Define and dissect the serious issues of disclosure and misrepresentation! • Develop 12 methods to avoid misrepresentation! • Build a documentation system that will save time and money! • Discover 10 ways to cover their assets! • Develop systems to harvest and deliver facts and statistics about their community, financing, and service providers to their clients! • Explain the different elements of misrepresentation (concealment, material fact, intent to deceive)! • Reduce risk with 15 risk reduction techniques! • Create a system to win customer loyalty while reducing liability!

GEE DUNSTEN:“Negotiating: Powerful or Pushover?”

In any situation where you need to bring two parties to agreement, whether it’s as simple as which restaurant to go to for dinner or as involved as buying or selling a home, the ability to effectively negotiate with both sides to reach a satisfactory settlement is critical. The goal in every negotiation should be for all parties to reach a conclusion where everyone feels validated and that they’ve received the best outcome possible. In this course, agents will learn how to master the four essential elements of successful real estate negotiation: • Understanding human behavior models based on age, ethnicity and experience • Addressing human needs and determining their relevance • Effective communication skills, including good listening skills • Controlling the environment Agents will be able to…. • Identify strategies to implement prior to the initial interview to position themselves as a trusted advisor • Apply a new and more effective vocabulary to focus on what’s most relevant to their clients • Utilize the DISC behavior model as a doorway to effective communication and relationship-building • Identify and apply 5 characteristics of successful negotiating • Explain effective uses of information to eliminate distrust and hostility • Apply an effective use of time to improve their client’s negotiating position • Discuss 7 beginning-sales negotiating gambits/strategies and how to effectively apply them • Implement 5 middle-sales negotiating gambits to achieve/maintain an advantageous position for their client • Identify and utilize 5 ending-sales negotiating gambits to bring the negotiations to a successful close

GEE DUNSTEN: Real Estate Connections That Last

For years agents have been taught the importance of differentiating themselves in the marketplace. While differentiation is a good beginning, agents should also strive to develop the characteristics of distinctiveness (to be notable, attractive; possess special qualities). The Dean of the Harvard Business School states, “Businesses and business people must ask themselves two questions. First, what do I do that my competitors also do, but that I do better? This might be how you are distinctive. Secondly, what do I provide consumers that none of my competitors do? This is what makes you different.” Since we in real estate all sell the same product or inventory, we have to differentiate ourselves based more on what we do for our clients and the community and the services we provide, than on a differentiated product. In this course agents will learn how to powerfully insert themselves into their communities and the enormous, untapped potential revenues many of us live amongst, by becoming their trusted town advisor with the delivery of current, relevant information about the real estate market, as well as their community.

GEE DUNSTEN:“Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye!”

80 million Americans were born between 1981 and 2000, comprising the most technologically fluent generation so far, and differing from all other generations in almost every regard. Recognized as the crucial demographic due to their large number and proven brand loyalty, Millennials are rendering most traditional business and marketing practices obsolete. Gain insight into the mindset of Millennials and find out what makes them tick. Learn how to effectively communicate and “connect” with these unique individuals to gain access into their network and earn their loyalty and respect. Every attendee will leave with a “Millennials Guide to Homeownership”.

GEE DUNSTEN: Overcoming Consumer Fears In The Midst of a Housing Shortage

According to Inman, Stefan Swanepoel, NAR and many other sources, our industry is on the cusp of facing one of the biggest housing shortage crises in decades. Different than in the past, this crisis could last for 6-10 years. The challenge will be not only to find homeowners who will consider selling their home, but also to educate them with an effective marketing campaign that will maximize their equity position in the home, while at the same time, convince them that a reasonable commission is justified/deserved. An indispensable seminar for agents who want to proactively prepare for the impending housing shortage.

GEE DUNSTEN: Are You The Go To Agent?

In a sea of advertising noise, uncertainty, and confusion, when today’s consumer needs advice on their community or the complexity of the real estate market in your area, are you the go-to agent? Today, it’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you. This course is all about leveraging your presence in your local market by providing relevant content and by being ready, willing and able to answer any questions they might have.

GEE DUNSTEAN:The Things That Mom Didn’t Teach You About Business Planning

Whether you are just getting started or are a veteran in the business, the step-by-step system will help take your profession, as well as your life, to a higher level of excellence. You’ll gain the skills and confidence to be able to guide your clients like a professional sales athlete. You’ll learn how to devise a game plan that will maximize your abilities and talents so you can compete at a higher level while expending less time and money.