Christian Bear
Christian Bear
Serve - Protect - Educate
Speaking Fees: $3500 1/2 Day $5000 Full Day Plus Expenses

When Christian was a young child he had a passion to protect and serve the community. At age 19 he was hired as a full time Deputy Sheriff, one of the youngest in history. His passion went beyond protecting the community to protecting fellow Law Enforcement Officers becoming a Florida Department of Law Enforcement instructor at age 23. Christian’s passion and abilities to teach captivated the room and allowed him the opportunities to teach at local colleges and around the state. Christian’s abilities in Law Enforcement lead him to the advancement of working in one of the most elite units, undercover, apprehending violent criminals around the nation with over 1,000 apprehensions. This is a milestone only few achieve in their career. At age 24 Christian started learning the business of Real Estate and was licensed as a Realtor at age 28. His first year he achieved the title, million dollar producer while still working full-time as a Deputy Sheriff. At age 30 Christian retired his Law Enforcement career and opened his own independent real estate office doing over twenty million dollars in sales his first year as a full time agent. Christian has now grown his team to over 100 agents throughout the nation and produces personally over thirty million a year in sales and is ranked in the top 1% in the Nation. Christian found his calling when he was able to use his expertise in law enforcement and put it into everyday life of a Realtor.

Christian stated ” Real estate agents are prime targets for crimes of opportunities everyday. They meet strangers in unknown locations. I believe the real estate industry has not addressed the violent murders such as Ashley Oakland and Beverly Carter because they do not know how to respond and agents have not demanded a safer workplace. The industry needs to step up now and bring awareness and tactics training to agents before more lives are taken. I have accepted the duty to train real estate agents to becoming SWAT (Showing With Awareness and Tactics) agents and live my life everyday to eliminate the crimes of innocent men and women who are just doing their job to help strangers live the American Dream?’

Speaker Topics

CHRISTIAN BEAR: Becoming A SWAT Agent (Showing With Awareness And Tactics)

In This Session: Detailed Look Into Realtor Murders And Motives Understanding What A Criminal Looks Like Showing With Awareness And Tactics (SWAT) Creating A Plan For Escape

CHRISTIAN BEAR: It All Starts Online (How To Be Safe On Social Media)

In This Session: What Not To Post CONTENT How To Handle Blind Leads And Still Convert To A Sale Tools To Investigate Are You Being Hand Picked For A Crime? A Mindset To Win Understanding Your WHY In Life And Business Overcoming Fear Of The Unknown Why So Many People Are Scared To WIN It’s Not Over Until You Succeed

CHRISTIAN BEAR:A Mindset to Win!

In This Session: Understanding your WHY in life and business Overcoming fear of the unknown Why so many people are scared to WIN It’s not over until you succeed

CHRISTIAN BEAR: What The Real Estate Industry Does Not Want You To Know (The Truth On The Dangers Of RE)

In This Session: Statistics On RE Crimes How They Are Recorded And Why It Is So Inaccurate Facts Of Past Murders And Crimes Against Agents. Why The Industry Hides Crimes From Agents.

CHRISTIAN BEAR:Open House And Listing Safety, You Could Be Held Liable

In This Session: How To Protect Your Clients From Criminal Acts Setting Escapes The Plus One Rule Who Are You Really Meeting At A Listing?

CHRISTIAN BEAR:New Agent 101 - (This Is A Short Cover All For Leads, Converting And Safety For New Agents)

In This Session: How To Generate Lead Buckets With No Money The 3 Must Dos To Convert A Lead Creating Your Business Plan To Sell 33 Homes A Year How To Implement Simple Steps To Stay Safe With Strangers