Marguerite Crespillo
Marguerite Crespillo
Dynamic Speaker and Trainer with an Unfiltered, Straight Forward Approach to Training
Speaker Fees: Keynote and 1/2 Day $4000 - Full Day $5000 + Expenses

Marguerite began her career in 1993 and has helped over 3500 families in her 23+ year career as a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. In addition she has coached, trained and mentored hundreds of people in the real estate industry throughout her career.  She has developed a series of training classes and boot-camps that are focused on what is happening RIGHT NOW in the current economy.

As someone who is in the “trenches” just like you, she is constantly evolving, learning and experimenting the best ways to approach whatever is happening in the current market so that she can bring to you, the very best tools to be your own version of success in ANY real estate market.

Her unfiltered, straight forward approach to training will give you the right amount of “kick-in-the-rear” along with the tools you need to be a true success in ANY real estate market.

She has not only built a wildly successful real estate career for herself and has propelled many real estate agents to develop their own versions of success and balance. She is a Master’s Club Outstanding Life Member for the past 20 Years which is the Top 2% of all agents in our local market and top 5% nationwide. Born and raised in Northern California, she loves living out in the country with her husband Joe, 4 dogs and a few chickens.

Speaker Topics


How to Jump Start and Revitalize our business to give you time and freedom to enjoy your life and avoid burnout. Learn simple systems and processes that are fun and profitable to help you fall in love with real estate again.

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:How To Build And Nurture A Six Million Dollar Client Database

Learn how to take ONE client and turn them into 65+ referrals and a powerful SIX Million dollar database! Learn tips and tricks that you can implement RIGHT NOW to start generating repeat and referral business for a lifetime.

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:Goal Setting To Prioritize Your Life & Get Real Results

Never fail to reach your goals again! Learn how to set goals based on priorities. Create overall balance in your life by establishing your priorities first. Discover a simple way to break down and define your goals not only in business but life! This presentation will provide a systematic method to breaking down goals so you get results not heartache.


Define your ideal client that will make your marketing efforts razor focused on reaching prospects you WANT to work with and NOT have to work with. STOP wasting time, money and energy marketing to masses and simplify your strategy for maximum results

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:How To Party Your Way To Success

Real Estate is ALL ABOUT relationships and the more you can connect with your clients the more likely they are to continue to work with you AND send you referrals. If you're sending emails and snail mail hoping for referrals, expect the minimal results you've most likely been getting...There is no better way that I've found in 20+ years of real estate to generate more referrals than holding a Client Event...I'm talking handfuls of SOLID referrals in just a few hours...AND YOU GET TO PARTY at the same time, it's a NO BRAINER!

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:Simple Systems For Sale Success

SYSTEM… Save Yourself Time Energy & Money! Learn 3 Powerful Forms that will systematize your business from an Initial Appointment all the way to Closing.

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:I Need Help! (How To Hire/Train A Great Assistant)

Let’s face it, we got into this business to help clients buy and sell their home…not paperwork, marketing, transaction management and everything else that’s involved. How productive could you be if you were able bring on an assistant to help with those areas…freeing you up to do what you do best? Learn how to properly train them and implement structure from the first day by identifying their main priorities, develop checklist that tracks progress and much more!

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:How To Create The Ultimate Client Experience

How to create a The Ultimate Client Experience by strategically placing WOW moments throughout the Client Life Cycle builds lifetime clients and generates referrals.

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:Eliminate Your Competition & Build A Lifetime Business

So much lead generation today is focused on web leads. It’s estimated that for every 300 online leads you generate you will acquire 1 quality client. Most agent’s fail by not staying in contact with their past clients and people who already know them, like them and trust them! Learn proven techniques that turn clients into LOYAL Raving Fans that feel compelled to send you referrals.

MARGUERITE CRESPILLO:Run Your Business Like A Business, Not A Hobby

No matter the business, the truth is, success is largely determined not by your products or prices, but rather by the way you run your business. Sadly, many agents don't have a clue when it comes to running a business. Sure, you can list and sell a home, prospect and secure a buyer but what about long term? How do you build a sustainable, lifetime business in Real Estate? Evidence shows that entrepreneurs who think less like small business owners -- and more like big business CEO's -- have a better shot at achieving long-term success. Learn how to systematize your business by implementing simple strategies that manage and monitor your results.