Katey Dallosto
Katey Dallosto
Coaching Teams and Leadership Growth and Team Effectiveness Tools.
Speaking Fees: Keynote and 1/2 day $3600 Full Day $5000 + Expenses

National trainer, business coach and sales consultant, with over 25 years of business, sales and leadership experience. Her areas of expertise include: lead generation, relationship building, productivity training, personality profiling, recruiting, sales training, public speaking and business planning.

Over her career, Katey has been responsible for developing profitable relationships by empowering her partners through growth and understanding. Katey utilizes a fun and engaging style of training to achieve the desired results for her clients with an emphasis on accountability.

With her passion, energy and enthusiasm, Katey has played key roles in the growth of companies and organizations such as: ADP, Abbot Laboratories, Servco, Santa Clara University, Keller Williams Realty, Smartzip, Better Homes & Gardens-Mason McDuffie and Prospect Mortgage. Katey is an active member of Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR), Contra Costa Association of Realtors (CCAR), California Association of Realtors (CAR) and the Bay East Association of Realtors.

Katey also founded, and was the first President, of CCAR’s chapter of the Young Professional’s Network. Katey prides herself on her ability to connect people to people and people to opportunities. Katey has a degree in Marketing from Santa Clara University where she also serves as a Director on the Santa Clara University Alumni Board.

A San Francisco East Bay local, Katey attended Carondelet High School in Concord, CA and is an avid Oakland A’s fan. She currently resides in Danville, CA with her three children, Kelsey, Erika and Nathan and fiancé, Chuck Miller.

Speaker Topics

KATEY DALLOSTO:101 Lead Generation Ideas

101 Lead Generation Ideas is a fun, interactive and motivating class to show you how there are dozens of opportunities to bring new clients to your business. Bring a friend that is an entrepreneur! This class is applicable to any entrepreneur looking to grow their business. Remember...your business is Real Estate, but your JOB is lead generation. Come to my class to learn how to lead generate without the guilt!

KATEY DALLOSTO:6 Minute Business Plan

This is a quick class designed for Realtors and Loan Officers to get a simple business plan written quickly. The 6 Minute Business Plan is ideally paired with the 101 Lead Generation Ideas class to tie in how to execute the plan once it is written. Agents love this class because the pressure of having a lengthy and complicated business plan is off the table. Sit down with a pen or a laptop and have a plan done is six minutes!!

KATEY DALLOSTO:Generations…How Each Generation Buys & Sells

From Lost Generation...Boomers...GenXers...Millennials...which one are you? Do know which of these generations prefers email? How they measure success? The best tool to market and keep each generation as a client? Do you speak Boomer? Do you need a Millennial translator?? All of these questions and more will be answered for you during the Generations...how each generation buys and sells class. Communication is key to great success. Are you ready to speak Millennial??

KATEY DALLOSTO:Goal Setting...Whatever I Ask Of Life, I Will Get!

The power of the mind, a plan, a vision and commitment all tied together is unstoppable. During this class we will uncover what is your motivation and why your goals are important to you. Be prepared to be a little vulnerable with me, as I will be with you. Goal setting for your year, your business and your life. Don't miss it!

KATEY DALLOSTO:Lead Generation Based On One Lead Per Day

Leads are the life blood of our business. How do you define a Lead? Is the idea of "lead generation" make your skin crawl? What if I could show you how to focus your business plan around just getting One Lead Per Day? If One Lead could make your business successful and profitable, wouldn't you do it? Let me show you a plan on how to stay focused by keeping it simple!!

KATEY DALLOSTO:Market Like A Prostitute… (Back To Basics)

Well...it is the world's oldest profession! this back to basics marketing class is designed to take simple "old school" marketing basics and make it fun, edgy and interactive. Most of the marketing strategies are tried and true AND often need to be relearned. the name get people in the door, the content teaches them how to have fun while learning simple marketing strategies. Why re-invent the wheel? Learn from a Pro...!

KATEY DALLOSTO:Never Lose A Post-It Note Lead Again!

Well, it's typical for sales people to have "lost leads". How many leads did you LOSE last year? This class will show you a simple program for how to make sure that you keep ALL the leads you work so hard to get! No more LOST LEADS!!!

KATEY DALLOSTO:Time Blocking For Agents And Leadership

"I got into Real Estate for the flexible schedule! Little did I know that it would be 24/7!" This sound familiar? I hear it all the time and I think it is wrong. Can you run a real estate business 20 hours a week? It depends on your goals. Can you run a real estate business without working on the weekends? People do and I can show you how. What is important to me is what do YOU want? Time blocking is a tool that I have used for over 20 years to schedule my priorities. It is not time management, but Priority Management!! Let me help you learn scripts, learn how to prioritize, learn how to say No when appropriate. I've been there, I get it, and now let me show you how to get your sanity back to your life