Coni Meyers
Coni Myers
Int’l Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Bestselling Author Kickbutt Leadership and Crisis Management Strategist
Speaker Fees: Keynote and 1/2 day $2750 Full Day 3950,Virtual Fees Available Upon Request + Expenses

Coni’s entire life’s work was training for what she is doing today. As a Crisis Management and Leadership Strategist she is using her 40 years supporting 1000’s of individuals and businesses in their leadership, business management, marketing and sales efforts. She spent 7 years working on over 50 disasters and training 100’s as a FEMA Inspector and Trainer. She has taken two companies from the local market to the national stage and owned four consulting companies.   She earned three prestigious life and leadership coaching credentials. Her specialty is creating mindful, visionary leaders and how to overcome crisis and disasters.


Her latest book, “When the Unthinkable Happens…Be Prepared! Be Ready!” is a guide to help individuals and businesses be better prepared for disasters and other crises. She also addresses what is needed to be more sustainable. It is the perfect “calling card” for real estate professionals and can be white label. In “Leadership in Trying Times she talks about the importance of resiliency and leadership when businesses are having difficult times. Soon to be released will be “Crystalline Voices: Women Leaders in Real Estate”


Her “Crisis Knowledge Management Certification provides training on how to prepare, survive and recover from disasters and includes a consumer course and book that certification graduates, CKM Advisors, can then offer to their communities.   Her popular Saturday live broadcast “To 70 and Beyond” talks about life’s transitions and how to do them at any age. Her speaking, training, interviews and podcasts provide tools on how to be visionary leaders others want to follow. On her “Kickbutt Leadership” Podcast she interviews top leaders from all around the world who are best-selling authors, speakers and trainers, many with their own TED talks.

She is most proud of her 6 best-selling books (2 International bestsellers) which are being read all around the world and the difference they are making in people’s lives.


Coni’s work can be found on several organization’s websites including the California Association of REALTORS, OnlineEd, Exit Realty International, the WomanUP Academy, CKM Solutions Group and many more.


Speaker Topics

Coni Meyers: Ignite the Fire of Your Life, Career and Business

Step into what you want for your life, career and business by creating a strong purpose and vision. You cannot go to a vision, you must come from it, and in order to come from it, you must become it. Once you have a vision you need to sensorize it. A strong vision is required before you can have concrete goals that will get you what you want. Once you have a vision what can you do make things come naturally to you.

Coni Meyers: Climate Change Real or Not…The Real Costs

The fact that our earth is changing is evident and getting more significant each year. 2020 not only brought a pandemic but natural disasters unlike anything before. We had 30 named storms, 2 hurricanes in the gulf at the same time, Derecho winds, fires across the western US, firenados, hurricane winds without a hurricane spawning over 50 tornadoes throughout the Southeast, the highest water temperature rising in a body of water on the planet. Not to mention the normal flooding and other storms.

Coni Meyers:How to be a Kickbutt Leader

Kickbutt leadership is when mindfulness meets vision, opportunity and engagement. It is no longer a “nice thing to do” but a “must do”. A study in 2011 found that mindfulness practices lead to emotional intelligence in 4 areas: focus, compassion, creativity and clarity. It showed over a 90% increase in resilience and over 80% in collaboration and agility for complex thinking. Another study showed the brain gray matter grew. This is critically important for a Realtor when engaging with clients.

Coni Meyers:Managing Crisis and Disasters with Resiliency

All businesses have crises and disasters, it is how they are managed that determines the long lasting affects they may cause. Find out how to have the right mindset, the right leadership and the right communication plans that can help you survive and recover faster.

Coni Meyers: The Power of Preparedness…Give Back! Make More!

What powerful tools will make you stand apart from your competition? In this course I talk about powerful ways you can to give back to your community that in turn will help your business grow.

Coni Meyers:Crisis Knowledge Management Certification: The Power of Preparedness…Are You Ready?

4-course certification training including; • Be the Good News in the Face of Bad News • Survival Mindset, Leadership and Communication • The Role of Recovery- Managing Insurance, Mortgage and Recovery Services • Surviving Natural Disasters and Disasters of Our Own Making.