Kenny J. Anderson
Kenny J. Anderson
Speaker Fee Range: $9,000 to $12,000 + Expenses

Kenny J Anderson has invested over 30 years of experience and traveled the world defining the attributes of leadership. In his Common Denominators for Success, Kenny reveals seven universal formulas of success that will strengthen the character of an organization, boost production within a company, and create an executable plan for delivering bottom-line results.

Over his career, Kenny has traveled the world interviewing top executives, elite athletes, and professionals in their fields, formulating the Common Denominators for Success™ to help companies and organizations achieve top performance. His experience and powerful insights on leadership will change the way you do business.

As an entrepreneur, Kenny has successfully implemented these principles in his own businesses as a top producer in the financial and real estate industries. He has also licensed patents, as an inventor, to some of the largest companies in the world. Kenny has taken start-ups and turned them into multi-million dollar organizations. He has helped expand growth internationally for a multi-billion dollar company in the health care sector. Kenny is the author of Common Denominators for Success and has worked with leaders and organizations in over 50 countries, implementing strategies and principles to fuel organizational growth.

Keynote speaker and international leadership consultant Kenny J. Anderson now shares his experiences and formulas for success with audiences and organizations from all over the world with his Common Denominators for Success.™

 Kenny is a husband and a father of four children. He was raised in the Bay Area in California and completed his studies at Brigham Young University. He has a degree in psychology and advanced studies in finance and business. Kenny enjoys sports, traveling, and most of all, spending time with his family.

Speaker Topics

Kenny J. Anderson: Common Denominators For Success™

Today's leaders want to know the formula for success that lasts. Most leaders search their whole life to succeed and then realize that what they thought was success was not what they anticipated. Kenny has traveled the World interviewing leaders in business, sports, entertainment, and government defining the Common Denominators For Success™. Every leader has core attributes that in common in attaining success and accomplishing goals. Come discover the 7 Universal Formulas that all Leaders must know to succeed in an ever changing business world. There are fundamental principles of success that are consistent in every country and continent in the world. These timeless principles of leadership do not change with trends or culture. Whether you are looking to increase your effectiveness as a business leader, increase sales in your organization, or trying to create a better work/life balance, come discover Kenny Anderson's Common Denominators For Success™ for lasting results.

Kenny J. Anderson: Work/Life Balance

Most of us separate success in our personal and professional lives. Sometimes we are so good about bringing our "A" game to our jobs, but then crash in our personal lives. What if the same rules and principles of success applied to success in both our personal and professional life? In fact, what if success in our personal lives actually enhanced our success in our careers? Kenny speaks about Common Denominators For Success™in our personal and professional lives. To optimize our performance in life and in business, we must live congruent with our core values. Learning to implement these consistent values in all aspects of our lives actually increases our performance at both work and at home. Keeping a proper balance in our personal and professional lives increases our capacity at work and provides greater well- being and fulfillment in our personal lives.

Kenny J. Anderson:Leadership:Thing I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

Do you ever wish you could take the wisdom you have gained in life and go back in time to apply that wisdom? Each of us learns valuable life lessons as we experience the world and interact with each other. "I call these "aha" moment's "life nuggets". Throughout the years I have written down these stories, experiences, and feelings. These experiences have helped to shape my perspective as a leader and changed the way I interact with others."  Through his own life experiences and from traveling the world, working with and interviewing thousands of leaders from business to sports to everyday hero's , Speaker and International leadership expert Kenny Anderson, shares valuable insights that are sure to transform and elevate your perspective on leadership. Do you want to become a top producer in sales, do you want to eliminate the barriers of potential and crack the code to success; do you want to deepen your connection with others? Kenny Anderson entertains and amuses crowds as he teaches principles of leadership success through his experiences and World travels. Whether you are managing a team of people or running your own company, Kenny cuts through the barriers and pitfalls of leadership and shares "life nuggets" that are sure to change the way you do business and pursue life.