Steve Bintz
Steve Bintz
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Steve has been a REALTOR® since 2013, led Immoviewer through the 2017 NAR REACH venture accelerator program and currently holds broker-level licensure in 50 states. With a unique understanding of the intersection of real estate and technology, he educates, evangelizes and masterminds about the impacts crypto, blockchain and NFTs have on the real estate industry. Steve also owns and operates a residential brokerage in NY. Over the last several years, he has advised proptech companies worldwide on growth, strategy, industry relations, data, licensing and compliance.

Speaker Topics

STEVE BINTZ: The Wild West of Real Estate: Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs

Innovation is often chaotic. There’s no doubt Web3 has caused a stir in the real estate industry with tons of innovation, which feels like it happened nearly overnight. Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or newly licensed, your value proposition is likely to change in part because of new innovation. In this session, we’ll discuss the building blocks of Web3 (no experience necessary!) and also tackle real-world examples both inside and outside real estate of the applications currently influencing our lives.

STEVE BINTZ: Analyst or Agent: Working with Institutional Investors

Figuring out how to work with institutional investors is a complex equation. Investment funds, iBuyers and Power Buyers have analysts but what they often don’t have are agents with local expertise. That’s where you come in! Financial modeling and theoretical scenarios will only become realities with the help of agents on the ground. These types of buyers need block-level knowledge, a solid local reputation and an anecdotal feedback loop…all of which cannot be automated. We’ll discuss how to think like an analyst, utilize this new type of buyer to diversify your lead flow and become indispensable!