“Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye!”

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80 million Americans were born between 1981 and 2000, comprising the most technologically fluent generation so far, and differing from all other generations in almost every regard.  Recognized as the crucial demographic due to their large number and proven brand loyalty, Millennials are rendering most traditional business and marketing practices obsolete.  Gain insight into the mindset of Millennials and find out what makes them tick.  Learn how to effectively communicate and “connect” with these unique individuals to gain access into their network and earn their loyalty and respect.  Every attendee will leave with a “Millennials Guide to Homeownership”.

Attendees will be able to…

·        Understand and appreciate how and why Millennials, Gen X’s and Baby Boomers think and behave differently from each other

·        Create building blocks to move from a position of judgment to one of curiosity

·        Recognize and develop the skills Millennials view as most important in an agent

·        More effectively interface by applying new methods of communication

·        Identify and overcome top Millennial barriers to homeownership

·        Advise/educate Millennials in determining if, when and how they should pursue homeownership by providing resources and relevant information