Military Residential Specialist (MilRES®)


The military client has been grossly overlooked and their benefits underutilized, as evidenced by the fact that fewer than 8% of those who are eligible for VA financing, actually use it.  With over 2.5 million active military and their families and over 23 million veterans, agents will be serving one of the largest markets in our country.  As the market turns, agents will need to be in touch with the growing market.  This course is designed to provide the comprehensive training agents will need to better meet the needs of the military client and their families and provide them with the superior service they so richly deserve.  The training provided will place the MCRS heads above the competition, while this brand new certification could be the tipping point for your business!

Agents will learn how to…

  • Grow their business by serving one of the largest and most deserving markets in our country (2.5 million active duty, their 1.3 million families and 23+ million veterans)
  • Navigate the minefield of confusion concerning VA benefits. (Less than 8% of the 23+ million veterans nationwide take advantage of their VA benefits.)
  • Help their active duty military clients and their families take advantage of their unique benefits, i.e., SCRA (Serviceman’s Civil Relief Act), HAP (Homeowners Assistance Program), and others
  • Position themselves as the go-to agent for the military client by becoming the credible, on-going source of relevant information for the military client
  • Create an effective, specialized marketing plan to reach active duty, retired, veterans & reservists in their own community and dominate this niche
  • Stay informed and updated on any new changes affecting their military clients, such as legal issues, benefit changes, and updated solutions
  • Interview VA lenders to increase your military client’s VA loan borrowing power by comparing differences in term, cost, and discounts which vary dramatically from lender to lender