"Humanize Your Business with Personal Video"


Personal video cuts through the clutter and noise consumers are bombarded with every day and puts a face and a voice with a name.  It’s a return to the way business was done for generations…face-to-face.  In this course you’ll learn the top reasons for video email underperformance and how to replace faceless digital communication with personal video to establish trust with authenticity, and to ultimately, build relationships.  You’ll create and close more opportunities in less time by differentiating yourself and connecting with people to make sales and service more meaningful and compelling.

Attendees will be able to…

  • Record and send authentic, imperfect personal videos to save time, improve results, and increase satisfaction for both themselves and their clients
  • Overcome reluctance, feel comfortable on camera, and gain confidence creating personal video
  • Apply 7 tips for better videos
  • Increase email opens, get more video plays, keep people engaged, increase their reply rate, and ultimately, their lead conversion
  • Put an end to cold calling by creating a personal, authentic introduction video
  • Understand and utilize the technical (step-by-step) aspects of making a video
  • Explain the advantages of video over email, texts, and social media
  • Develop strategies for better prospecting with video