Clara Capano
Clara Capano
Helping You Build a Purpose-Driven Business
Speaking Fees: Keynote and 1/2 Day:$3000, Full Day: $5000 + Expenses

Clara Capano is the owner of Censpire Consulting with a focus on Unleashing the Power of the Mompreneur.  With over 25 years in Sales and Leadership, Clara has worked with business owners across the United States and Canada and has helped them build a better business and life.  She is a published author, speaker, trainer and business strategist.  Clara is a Master trainer and coach with Ninja Selling and Coaching, Certified though Integrity Selling and Tony Robins coaching.  In addition, she holds   a BA in Communications and English and a MA in Organizational Communications and Leadership.

Clara resides in Denver, Colorado and San Diego, Ca.  She enjoys time with her son and dog and travels the world whenever possible.

Speaker Topics

CLARA CAPANO:Business Planning

Being Successful is simple, but not always easy. In this workshop you will have an opportunity to put your written business plan together. One of the best ways to insure success – plan! Core concepts covered in this session: Be a CEO, Know your Purpose and Passion, Identify your target audience and how you deliver Value, Identify the needed skillsets for you to achieve Your success and Gain clarity on the actions YOU need to take to run your business as a business. Become Purposeful and NOT accidental in your Business.

CLARA CAPANO: Mid-Year Business Planning Recharge

Make sure you are CHARGED up for the 2nd half of the year. You have a plan, you know what you need to do – have you lost focus? This session is designed to Re-Charge you and Re-Connect you with your plan. It will bring you clarity and focus in 3 areas: Vision and Purpose Delivering Value and Staying Connected with your Target Audience Identifying and re-committing to the “right” activities. Success is simple, but not always easy. Many of the core foundational items for success are both easy to do and easy not to do. Make sure you are on track and focused to keep your success on track.

CLARA CAPANO:Where is Your Time Going?

Time is our most valuable asset and most use it poorly. Time is an investment in our life, our business and our success. This session with cover WHY understanding how we invest our time is critical in running a smart business and also provide 7 strategies to Leverage your time for Success.


Did you know that most people lose 2.5 hours a day in distractions? Distractions can be the factor that limits and keeps you from your goals. This session with help you understand dangers of distractions in your business and also provide 5 strategies to Manage Distractions so you can stay focused and on purpose.

CLARA CAPANO:Average to Champion

Who do you want to become? In running the business and life of a Champion, we need to understand the habits and disciplines needed to get there. This session with help you better define the Habits YOU need for success and get real, work-able strategies to make habits stick.

CLARA CAPANO:How to Stand Out and Add Value

The average person knows 12 realtors. How will you stand out? In this session you will learn how to clearly identify your target audience AND determine how to deliver value to them. You will discover your unique abilities and skills and how to better articulate those to prospective clients and we will cover some of the Best tips for providing value throughout the year. You are either visible or invisible; make sure you are staying connected the right way for your sphere.

CLARA CAPANO:Dynamic Leadership

Part of being a great leader is developing followers; without people to follow, who will you lead? In this session we will cover the 5 C’s of Leadership: Clarity Connection/Create Value Culture Communication Customers

CLARA CAPANO:Negotiate with Purpose

The National Association of Realtors has noted that over 90% of buyers and sellers want a strong negotiator to represent them. How strong are you? In this session we will uncover why collaborative negotiations are helpful, the purpose of strong negotiations, negotiating with different personalities styles and identify 15 string negotiation techniques.