Scott Sorrell
Scott Sorrell
"Mr. Charge High Prices" is like no one else ! He teaches Fortune 500 How to Sell, Persuade, & Negotiate for Maximum commission on every deal. Guaranteed Results!
Speaking Fees: $5,000 Keynote, $7,000 1/2 day , $9,000 Full day + Expenses

Mix raw energy and humor, then combine it with incredible business savvy and you get Scott Sorrell. Scott is a dynamic communicator, inspirational speaker, and success coach to the Fortune 500. Scott is known as “Mr. Charge Higher Prices” and has developed over 80 powerful techniques and tools to get to the top of your customer's price range ... and stay there!

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, working with the top companies in the world, and regularly interviewing the best and brightest minds in business Scott has gleaned insider secrets which he shares through his teachings. His material is derived from extensive research and experimentation, and is customized for each audience’s industry – this is why he is famous for delivering powerful, proven methods for getting any company’s customers to increase their willingness to pay.

One of Scott’s clients dubbed him “the perfect presenter.” When you hear him speak you’ll know why. Scott skillfully navigates professionals through processes that will help them sell better and sell smarter. His powerfully engaging and enthusiastic presentations leave audience members with hard-hitting and sometimes surprising advice on how to make more profit on each transaction, motivating them to take action. To his own admission, he is not a motivational speaker, rather he is a motivation maker who teaches audiences how to make more money, which is the HIGHLY motivating take-away from his teachings.

Scott is privileged to speak regularly before companies such as MetLife, Cisco Systems, BMW, Century 21, Keller Williams, Wells Fargo, and 3M Corp, as well as to international CEO groups like Vistage and TEC. On the academic side, during the past 7 years Scott has served as an Adjunct Professor at Cal State Fullerton and Concordia University, teaching MBA and upper division sales and marketing courses, and leading consulting teams. He also guest lectures at USC, Chapman University, University of California, and many others.

Speaker Topics

SCOTT SORRELL:“How to Charge Higher Commissions & Get Your Clients to Thank You For It”

Do you want clients to choose you because you charge LESS? Or choose you even though you charge MORE? Every customer will pay a premium – you just have to give them the right reasons. Knowing the secrets of raising your customer’s perception of value will get them to love paying more! In “HOW TO CHARGE HIGHER COMMISSIONS & GET YOUR CLIENTS TO THANK YOU FOR IT,” Scott Sorrell will pump up your profits and boost your bottom line as he teaches you some of the world’s most powerful techniques to navigate to the top of your client's price range.

SCOTT SORRELL: “How to Create Unstoppable Demand as a Premium Brand”

Scott Sorrell is known as "Mr. Charge Higher Prices" because he is a world-class branding, marketing and sales expert who teaches how to maximize what YOUR clients will pay for your services as a Real Estate Agent. In his program called "HOW TO CREATE UNSTOPPABLE DEMAND AS A PREMIUM BRAND," Scott shares powerful branding and marketing techniques he has taught to agents across the globe -- techniques that will differentiate you and make you more compelling & attractive to your prospects. Whether presenting hard-hitting corporate conferences or serving as a university professor*, Sorrell has no patience for unapplied theory. You literally will walk out of his program with a partial or complete "brand makeover" (depending on program length), and be amazed as prospects start saying YES to you more often -- no matter your experience level, location or competitive landscape.

SCOTT SORRELL: “How to WIN Against the Discount Listing Trend in Uncertain Economic Times”

Redfin? Faira? Purple Bricks? Others? The digital platform choices are becoming endless, and everything seems to be pointing away from full-price agents. So what’s not to love for a home seller? Well, the proliferation of online and hybrid services, many of which often make both true claims and false promises, has created legitimate confusion and doubt in the minds of home sellers. And when you compound the vagaries of national and global economic changes adding to the uncertainty, it’s relatively easy to help increasingly hesitant home sellers make the wise decision to list with a FULL-PRICE HUMAN agent ... if you know a few simple and compelling tips & techniques.