Kris Barney
Kris Barney
Phenomenal Authentic Speaker-Thought Provoking Trainer-Dynamic Frank Conversations. Become the Leader YOU Would Follow!
Speaking Fees: Keynote and 1/2 Day:$3750, Full Day: $5000 + Expenses

Kris Barney works with organizations to raise their confidence, excellence and integrity which improve their effectiveness, productivity and profits. Your audience will love how interactive she is and will embrace how she stimulates implementation and retention while having fun!

She is the author of “Leadership from the Inside Out – Are You the Leader YOU Would Follow”. She is a successful entrepreneur, multi-faceted trainer and a leadership and communication expert. She has coached hundreds of individuals that range from entrepreneurs to corporate executives.

Her keynotes and trainings have been well received by corporate leaders,entrepreneurs, and small business owners. She has successfully built and run four companies. The breadth of her experience gives her a unique vantage point that allows her to customize her message and relate to leaders’ struggles while leading them to solutions. She loves being able to facilitate change and improvement which ultimately creates success!

Your organization will raise effectiveness, improve leadership skills, increase productivity and profits when you Book Kris!

Speaker Topics


To have a profound impact, you must continually evaluate and find where you deserve to grow. As you grow and move forward, your Influence Expands. As your Influence expands, you become a Leader. As Leaders Improve, Organizations become stronger and more Profitable. Change is how this is created! Let’s work together and create the Change you seek with “Leadership Inside Out.”

KRIS BARNEY:DELETE THE DIVIDE “Retain & Unite Your Organization!”

In this training, I bring in the biggest key factors to add connection, consideration, and clear communication to any environment. I present how to utilize good listening skills and body language, as well as how to own your voice and stand your ground, without being pushy and offensive.

KRIS BARNEY: STUCK SUCKS “Discover the Gifts in Your Garbage!”

Learn to Identify Business Challenges and Conflict, and turn them to Resolution and Productivity, for Increased Profits & Client Retention. I will teach you the Template and Formula to tackle any challenge, and find the Gift in that Garbage. With this training, you will have the ability to move forward faster with greater confidence and more effectiveness

KRIS BARNEY:THE UGLY TRUTH “Take Personal Ownership to Create Lasting Change”

Is it time to expose and eliminate excuses? Is your organization ready to move past what is not working, by taking accountability and implementing a new action plan for greater success? Average is NOT being in your Excellence! Discover the impact of these Traits and the influence it will have in your organization. What you will gain in this training: CREATE Courageous Confidence EXCEL in Exceptional Excellence IMPLEMENT Impeccable Integrity TAKE Ownership and Accountability ACCELERATE Lasting Change


Create the Change that will propel your organization forward. Change can be difficult, but it will always be a big part of our lives and our workplace. The impact of your organization can be powerful when you recognize the changes you need to implement, and let go of those things that are no longer benefiting you. Let me help you move your organization forward in a profound way. Watch your teams soar as you work together to get to the bottom of the issues, and come out the other side excited and willing to work together for the greater good of the organization. What you will gain in this training: Shift Blame into Accountability Turn Excuses into Solutions Change Negativity into Positivity Crush Complacency with Productivity Embrace “Out with the Old and in with the New”

KRIS BARNEY:FEAR FACTOR “Conquer Fear for Massive Momentum”

Fear can show up in all different ways for every person. I have found that most people do not even recognize fear for what it is. For some, fear could show up as insecurity. For others, fear is being self-conscious. In some, fear may even be manifest as overconfidence. These are just a few of the hundreds of ways that fear shows up. How you face that fear, and your ability to identify and push past the fear that is stopping you from success, will impact you tremendously. Watch your organization soar when you eliminate the fear that is stopping you! What you will gain in this training: Identify and Crush the fear that stops you Avoid the Chicken Exit and Merge into the Fast Lane Remove Avoidance and Eliminate Anxiety Establish strong behaviors and structure your success Face things head on and stop the escaping mechanism Remove Failure and Embrace Success as you feel the freedom

KRIS BARNEY:INFLUENCE WITH IMPACT “Where Professionalism, Ethics, and Excellence Meet”

Raise professionalism with a higher code of ethics, as you boost morale and create excellence. It is amazing what you will create as you raise the tide, which lifts all ships. Work together seamlessly without the drama, back biting, and stress. Allow your code of ethics to be your guiding light. Watch teams come together for a profound impact and a strengthened community. What you will gain in this training: Gain self-regulated and high-performing employees and leaders Conquer Change easily and Accelerate your success Raise Competence and improve your professional skills Create Influence as you raise your Excellence Identify and Expand your Impact in your market

KRIS BARNEY:SOLD OR SERVED “Be Authentic to Build Trust”

People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care. How are you coming across as a leader in your organization, as a sales person, or even in your customer service? We have all heard that people do business with those they know, like, and trust, and the same is true with those we work with. Create better community, employee retention, and valuable relationships, as you learn the best practices to have the biggest impact. Do People Feel Sold or Served By You? What you will gain in this training: Discover how you come across to others and how to shift your focus. Learn how Sincere Service will Change your life and raise your Sales. Achieve Long Term, vs Short Term, with clients and employee retention. Develop Trust, Loyalty, and remarkable Relationships. Create Higher Ratings and Positive Reviews on your online reputation.

KRIS BARNEY:SIMPLE NOT EASY “Solutions to Solve Time Management Issues

Let’s face it, the truth of time management in the workplace is a bad situation. We have facts and studies that show us just how many hours we lose per day per employee! It is Unbelievable! Distractions control us to the point that we are not as effective, or productive, as we could be. Shifting this reality, and raising time management across the entire organization, will create an entirely different workplace. How would it feel to considerably raise your effectiveness and productivity? It would absolutely mean more profits, which would feel great! Everyone benefits and goals are achieved when we put a structure in place to create more success! What you will gain in this training: Establish good habits that you can stick to Implement Scheduling and Follow through Create Systems to improve success Enroll employees with proper training Raise accountability and confidence